Man, you know, I'm sick and tired of Engadget getting all the Bill Gates interviews and crap, when they are constantly bashing Microsoft, and can't even get their facts straight. Take today for example. They took a screenshot of the landing page for the Dell XPS One, and used it to launch this huge diatribe about how the PRODUCT RED version is a ripoff to the consumer.

Had Engadget taken about 5  minutes to go through and try to configure the baseline XPS One in a similar configuration as the PRODUCT RED version, they would have discovered several things:

  1. The baseline comes with Home Premium, which cannot be upgraded to Ultimate (at least, not through Dell).
  2. The baseline version comes with Works and not Office.
  3. If you click through on the baseline model, you'd see a page asking for your service plan. Note the fine print, which puts the product well on par with the PRODUCT RED version:

With the difference in price between Office and Works, plus the difference between Vista Home Premium and Vista Ultimate, plus the $200 off, it's actually a BETTER value than the base model.

So next time, Engadget, before you go shooting your mouths off about something, why don't you take a page from the people you guys try so hard not to emulate, and check your facts before you hit the "Publish" button. it might go a long way to building your credibility.

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