So the news making its way around the web in the slow news time between the holidays is that Microsoft posted a KB article about data corruption issues in WHS. I've been experiencing this problem consistently for a while now, but chalked it up to the way Outlook was accessing data on the file share, I didn't realize that it was a WHS issue. I probably should have bugged it in Connect much sooner.

But the problem is not as obscure as Ed Bott pointed out. It's actually relatively easy to reproduce. You see, I've kept pretty much every e-mail I've ever sent or received over the last 7 years. That amounts to just shy of 3GB of PST files. A while back I used the AutoArchive function on the AutoArchive files, to sort them into individual years, so that when I needed to get at old e-mails, the file wouldn't take FOREVER to open.

I thought my Home Server would be the perfect place to store these files. But it turns out, if you keep a PST AutoArchive file on WHS, and Outlook runs an AutoArchive, the PST file stays open in Outlook after it's done. If you've decided to keep your PST files safe by enabling Folder Duplication in WHS, and the DEMigrator service triggers a "balancing" while the file is open, your file is pretty much guaranteed to be corrupted. Usually ScanPST.exe will repair the file, but to be honest, there is no telling how much data that I have lost over the last 6 months of using WHS.

I've been experiencing this bug for a while, and I should have reported it sooner. I thought it was simply a factor of trying to use WHS during a balancing. For now, I have moved my PST files off of WHS, and you should too.

Also, don't save your Money 2007 files there either. I had two years worth of my business financials corrupted, along with their backups. I didn't realize WHS was the culprit until I read the KB article.

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