I've been thinking a lot over the past couple weeks about all the negative press Vista has been getting, and how we got here. There are three main events that got me to this point in my thought process, and before I go into what I'm about to try and accomplish, I thought I've give some backstory.

The first thing that made me start talking a deeper look at the public's reaction to Vista was Ed Bott's amazingly thorough a$$-kicking of Peter Gutman's ridiculous, FUD-laden post about Vista DRM. I remember the first time I read Gutman's "paper", I was so shocked by the utter lack of factual information that I wanted to write about it, but I was overwhelmed and didn't know where to begin. I personally don't have the faintest idea how he can even consider himself a "researcher" as he couldn't research himself out of a paper bag. I was really glad that Ed took the time to rip his arguments to shreds, and if the school Gutman works at has any sense, they'll reconsider his position as a shaper of young minds.

Then, a couple days ago, I was having a conversation with BuzzCorp's Chris Aarons about his issues with Windows Vista, and how he knows a ton of people who are having problems. I had just told him about Nick White's frank and honest answer about customer response to Ultimate Extras, and how refreshing it was to hear Microsoft being honest about how it failed its customers. That got me to thinking about how I, as a beta tester, failed Microsoft, as did many of the other testers.

Finally, I was having a discussion on Wednesday with my good friend and former partner-in-crime Brandon LeBlanc, about how the UI changes in Vista (or lack thereof) have actually hurt Vista's reputation by making it appear to be like XP when it really isn't. It was a very fruitful discussion, and it got me seriously thinking, as well as really excited about Vista again.

What follows is my best attempt to bring all this into a cohesive train of thought, which will run over the course of the next couple days in 4 distinct posts. Some of this stuff has been discussed before, but bear with me as I try to weave some of the viewpoints of the past into a deeper understanding of why Vista is having such a perception problem right now.

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